In a matter of minutes you can install WordPress and get busy blogging but if you want anyone to see your blog you’re going to have to make SEO (Search Engine Optimization) your primary concern. Most search engines really do appreciate WordPress sites but you have to get their attention first so that they know you’re there.

Creating Incoming Links: We all know the importance of link building when it comes to search engine optimization. When you use WordPress, SEO is not as hard and link building that has been done correctly will lead to success. Even though outbound links are very important for determining the success of your WordPress website for SEO reasons, you still have to produce inbound links so that internal linking works for you. Do a little research and you will discover that some of the more popular blogs link internally to their own content. Planning a good system of internal links will help your readers to get around the website easier and also make your site appear to be more credible in the eyes of the eyes of the search engines. Building internal links is considered to be necessary in the eyes of the major search engines.

This is because effective internal linking leads to more content consumption. Also, this means that you pages will get more views because your visitors are being guided through your content.

Having Correct XHTML Code: This is an essential step in relation to producing a solid WordPress site that provides results. There are plenty of reasons why your site should receive certification within the online industry. Even if you are unfamiliar with HTML basics, you will have difficulty in the beginning stages. Go to the W3C Validator and key in the name of your blog. If you find out that your website is not validating, then go through the instructions until you find the issue and correct it.

Getting your website to validate will make sure that there are not any factors that will deter it being ranked well by the search engines.

Customize Slugs for Each Post: When you’re writing a post for your WordPress site, you’ll find a field called Slug that is located just below the title of the your post, which is what determines the address of the article you’re posting. When the search engines see that your site’s URL has the same keyword as your page’s title, meta description and your content will see the page as being more consistent. Despite the fact that WordPress really does take some of the heavy lifting out of SEO for you it’s still important to place the keywords on your page appropriately.  You can also use agencies like this Philadelphia seo company that will do all of the hard work for you.

If you want to see your blog soar in the SERPs, then you need to start applying this advice, especially since it’s so easy to make. Remember, to keep enjoying the benefits from WordPress, you will need to tweak your site continuously and make the necessary changes to ensure you keep your ranking.